We were blessed to have Danielle join us for a second time after moving back to Minnesota. She was our first experience working with a doula over 7 years ago and then most recently with the birth of our fourth baby. Danielle is gentle, kind, and caring. She went above and beyond, anticipating our needs and helping to provide suggestions to make the process easier for me. She stayed for a few hours after the birth to make sure I had everything I needed including picking up dinner for us. Danielle delivered my placenta encapsulation pills and completed my postpartum visit the first morning we were home from the hospital. She even offered to come back the following week too. Her passion for her career really shines through in what she does. Simply put, if you want the best of the best, Danielle is the doula to hire! 

                                                                                                                                                        - Savannah Pietsch 3/20/2022 

I would highly recommend Danielle as your doula and encapsulator! Danielle is professional, experienced, reliable, and trustworthy. It's important to have trust in someone who is going to help you navigate through your prenatal, birth, and postpartum journey. Danielle helped my husband and I through our journey, which was also during the pandemic, which made for even more unknowns in the process.  During the prenatal period she followed up with me after appointments to check in and get updates. She is very organized and remembered appointments better than I did! She provided wonderful support and recommendations for chiropractors, acupuncture, as well as positioning and alternative therapies to encourage breech presenting baby to turn.  During the labor her communication was clear, she provided hands on relief and support with labor positioning and breathing, aromatherapy support, and also humor :) She worked collaboratively with me, my husband and staff. Immediately postpartum, my son needed suctioning and oxygen-my husband was over with baby, and it was so difficult to watch from afar and not be able to hear/see what was happening-but Danielle was right next to me holding my hand providing me the exact support and comfort I needed. My son needed to be in the NICU for a few days. Danielle showed great care, compassion, and thoughtfulness during that emotional time. She was extremely timely with encapsulation and provided helpful instructions and information. Again, highly recommend Danielle, she is such a blessing and gift! 

— Jenna Katorski 1/24/2022

I have only amazing things to say about Dani! I have had her on my birthing team for my last 3 births. She has supported me in all settings, choices and helped me find the education I sought. My last birth was a home birth and knowing her support was there is what gave my husband comfort. Dani truly listens to you and your partner and cares about supporting you in your birth choices. She is amazing and I am grateful for her! 

— Victoria Rees 12/22/2021

I was referred to Dani when I was researching placenta encapsulation. She did a great job of communicating what we needed to bring with us to the hospital, instructions for pickup as well as usage. We were so impressed with how quick the turnaround was! Dani dropped off the capsules the morning we got home from the hospital so I could start taking them right away. I cannot recommend placenta encaspsulation and Dani enough - she made it seamless and convenient! I found it to be beneficial with my energy levels and milk supply.

— Wendi 11/11/2021

I'm glad to have had Dani present at the birth of my 3rd child. This was my first time using a doula, so my husband and I were a little nervous. Her calm demeanor and dry humour got us both through my VBAC. It was longer than I hoped, but she was in contact the whole time, up until we requested she join us at the hospital. If we ever have a 4th baby, I will be contacting Dani right away! 

— Katy 7/8/2021

Dani the Doula was an AMAZING part of my birth team! I first worked with Dani 2 years prior on the birth of my second child. From early on I had leaned on her for support and she did not disappoint me. I delivered a beautiful baby girl at United Hospital with a very successful breastfeeding journey!

Now two years later I have another beautiful baby girl that I successfully delivered all NATURAL (after 2 previous inductions) at MBC in the middle of the state shutdown "Pandemic". I had met with Dani prior to finding my care team even and told her my dream birth. She helped me to find the BEST option for my family! We decided on a Midwife at MBC and we would deliver again at United. Throughout this pregnancy I found new things to worry about and turned to Dani fairly often and was reassured with great resources. When the Pandemic struck Dani held my hand and assured me what ever I chose she would be there physically or virtually as needed. The week before my daughter was born we had decided we would be deliverying at the Minnesota Birth Center and NOT at United Hospital. Dani helped me feel 100 percent confident and comfortable in my "last minute" change.... fast forward to birth day. On baby day Dani was prompt when I called her and she came to my home. She prepared my husband and kept me calm and feeling safe. She helped us determine when it was time to head to the birth center. During my birth she was right there helping me AND my husband feel confident and safe. Dani stayed by my side to help me with my breast feeding journey again. She was there postpartum to check in on me promptly and deliver my encapsulation!

I reccommend Dani the Doula to every pregnant mama we meet! Hands down has shown her passion and honest care with our two births! If you want a doula that works well with your birthing team and helps your spouse/partner feel as comfortable as you, shes the one! Thank you for helping me reach my dream birth!

— Victoria Rees 8/24/2020

We worked with Danielle for the birth of both our children. The first time I decided on an epidural, but the second time around I really wanted to experience natural childbirth. Danielle was an amazing resource even before labor. She helped me work through a lot of my fears and doubts regarding my ability to have an unmedicated birth. She was positive, empowering and realistic. Due to medical reasons I had to be induced. When she arrived at the hospital I was in transition (things went quickly). She was a calm and reassuring presence and I felt totally safe and supported by her and my husband. They were a great team! She stayed for several hours after the delivery to debrief, take photos and make sure we were all set for the night. I am so happy to have experienced an unmedicated birth and I feel like it was possible because of Danielle's amazing support! She helped me believe it was possible! Thanks Danielle! I wouldn't change a thing about my birth experience!

— Erika 5/31/2019

We had Danielle as our doula for the birth of our daughter now over a year ago. The entire experience was wonderful. She was super helpful with all my random questions in the months leading up to the birth. I had plans for all natural everything. My husband was part of two C-sections before and was nervous when I needed one. We requested Dani be allowed to come in. At that point she completely changed rolls. She went from being my support system to my husband's. Phil can not say enough good things about this experience. He says it was amazing to have someone tell him it's ok bc the first two no one really checked on him.  Dani is awesome, she is a calming nurturing force and is the perfect Doula for all births. 

— Kaylyn Bower 5/13/2019

What an amazing woman and phenomenal Doula! When my partner and I knew we needed a Doula for our first birth, I started to do the research and came across Danielle's profile on Doulamatch, and I recogized her and later realized we were classmates in High School. We chatted over Facebook, then the phone and decided to hire her to be our Doula, which was the best decision ever, and the first step towards having a healthy, natural birth.

Being a new dad, I knew very little about birth, what to expect, how to be helpful during, how to make informed decisions, what a birth plan was, how to ward off evil medical professionals who'd rather perform interventions vs helping us achieve our birth plan, the list could go on and on, and needless to say, Danielle was there, to be not only my partner's guide while birthing, but my guide before, during and after the birth.

She has been an absolute godsend, answers questions and texts at odd hours even after our baby was born. I cannot begin to express my graditude for her as our Doula, and our family's new friend!

— KJ M 10/17/2018

My husband and I were extremely hesitant on spending money for a doula. After having Dani come for my 3rd birth, I can say that the money was worth it. I was able to remain more calm than I would have been without having a doula. I know this because I’ve had natural birth without a Doula prior to this. But having Dani was great, she just knew what to do when I needed aid without me saying anything. The essential oils she used truly made my natural labor just what I had envisioned and had been wanting since my first birth. Before labor, her help with any questions or concerns was great. It was nice to have someone to ask who was full of knowledge on birthing and pregnancy. And having a doula that does encapsulation after birth is that much more awesome. She just handles the placenta without you lifting a finger to help. Even when my birthing nurse dropped my placenta on the floor, Dani went above and beyond and stripped that layer off so I could still utilize my placenta safely. If and when I decide to have my 4th child, I will be using Dani the Doula again, without financial hesitation.

​— Maggie Schmidt 9/14/2018

It's safe to say that our birthing experience would not have been as pleasant without Danielle Cincoski by our side. We interviewed four doulas and, while loving two others, Danielle was hands-down the one we wanted to be a part of our big day.  She was friendly, genuine, caring and very easy to talk to and get to know. Having 100's of births and also practicing her techniques during her own births, she owned the knowledge and confidence to guide us through our 1st birth.  

Danielle was always on time and willing to meet wherever and whenever for the prenatal and postnatal visits.  She answered all of our needs, arrived promptly during our big day and stood by us throughout the birth. Her methods, aromatherapy and cool and calm demeanor guided us to healthy and successful birth of our 1st baby girl.  She knew pressure points and adjustments/support holds to ease the pressure of labor.  Having Danielle by our side was honestly the best decision (besides having our baby girl) we could have made in our pregnancy and birthing journey. THANK YOU DANIELLE!!

— Dane Upgren 4/29/2018

Danielle was a sibling doula for us when we were expecting our 4th baby, and after finding out we were expting #5, I knew 
I wanted Danielle there to support my husband and I for our fourth homebirth and fourth VBAC as well. Danielle went above and beyond - I texted her 10 weeks before my due date because my water had broke, and she quckly returned home in case my labor progressed. Danielle made sure to keep in touch for the 31 days I was in the hospital, she came out to visit and bring me a healthy lunch, and kept encouraging me during what was a very trialing time mentally, physically, and spiritually. When it came time to be induced, Danielle was there soon after. Not only was her presence reassuring to me - knowing I had someone else in the room who was in my corner and had had a homebirth before - but her words of encouragement, her ability to identify my needs for natural pain relief during contractions, and my physical needs for water and food throughout labor also supported me so that I could have the birth experience I had envisioned, despite so many changes. Having Danielle there after my son was whisked off to the NICU helped keep me grounded emotionally. It was heartbreaking to have my son and husband leave, but knowing there was someone there who cared about me, kept me company for postpartum workup, and then brought dinner for my husband and I made a world of difference. I am extremely thankful to have had Danielle there for our son's birth because her experience as a doula, empathy, and willingness to be available to us much earlier than anticipated is, I believe, one of the key factors in my having had the best birth outcome considering the circumstances. I highly recommend Danielle for any mother looking for a doula to support her throughout pregnancy and childbirth, and if I ever have more children, I know I will want Danielle there supporting us again. 

— Laura Windgassen 4/18/2018


​I was really wanting a doula for my 2nd birth and thankfully had come across Danielle through a mutual friend right toward the end of my pregnancy. She was a true God sent of a person for my very fast and intense, labor and delivery. I feel truly blessed that I had Danielle to be my support person. She was relaxed while working and helped me to relax while going through surges. Then when I needed her she was right there to help me get to the next step. I will forever be greatful for our paths that crossed and would recommend her to anyone hands down! Thanks Danielle for an amazing birth experience!

— Janae Engh 4/17/18

​This was my 4th birth but first birth with a Doula. I’m so glad that I had Danielle by my side. She was a perfect quiet presence in my room, as she whispered words of encouragement in my ear. I had a quick hard labor and without her I may not have gotten the med free VBAC I wanted. I highly recommend Danielle as a doula. 

​— Kodi Reidell-Young 3/14/18

I had been planning and preparing for a natural birth (Hypnobirthing) of my first daughter. I interviewed several Doula's and Danielle was the one for us. She has a calming presence and is very knowledgeable. She supports Hypnobirthing also. During the prenatal visits she help guide me through some decisions and choices I didn't even know I would be facing. Our little stubborn girl waited 41 weeks and 6 days to come see us. When you go this long midwives and doctors become nervous. I had to make decisions against my midwifes wishes and trust my intuition and body. Dani supported my decisions and made me feel confident in my own intuitions to have the birth I want.

I did end up with a C-section after full dilation and pushing for hours with no progress, our little one was in the occiput-posterior (OP) position. I was having severe back pain and prolonged labor. Dani was great to keep me moving, encouraging me of my reasons to go natural and to find strength to keep it drug free all the way through my labor. She even tried baby spinning to get baby to move, to relieve some of my pain. She helped both my husband and I feel we had time to discuss the need to move ahead with a C-section for both the baby and myself. She reassured me that I should have made more progress and that in her experience I've done my best and stayed true to my birth plan even when the need of a C-section happened. Dani was able to come into the OR with us and take the 1st pictures of our daughter and 1st pictures of our family together. She also stayed with my husband and calm him when I was taken into the OR for prep.

A few weeks after I was having a hard time processing everything after the C-section. She came over and sat with us and reminded me of everything we did that day and told me her side of the birth story. It was so helpful for me to accept and move forward. I would recommend Dani to anyone looking for a experience, well trained and knowledge Doula.

— Lacea Stoltz 1/23/18

Dani is the best! I'm so happy she was present for the births of both my sons. Dani is calm, intuitive, and helpful. Her knowledge and experience were helpful both before and during the birth. After meeting with her, I felt more confident about the birth. Dani was very quick to respond to emails and texts with questions. At the birth, she was a calming presence for both my husband and me. She was always ready with reassuring words and comfort measures (e.g. cool washcloth, essential oils). 

I also recommend the placenta encapsulation. Dani brought the capsules to my house shortly after the birth, so it was very convenient. I was surprised how well they worked to boost my mood and energy levels.

My husband and I both highly recommend Dani to anyone regardless of their birth preferences. I wouldn't want to give birth without her there. Thank you Dani!!

— Kate Noffke 10/4/2017

Danielle has been the most amazing Doula. She was there from the beginning, helping me choose the perfect birth team.  I struggled through many things with this pregnancy and she was always there with an encouraging word and understanding.  Danielle  has experience in the Bradley Method and in Hypnobirthing, which is a great combination in understanding the different techniques moms to use.  Throughout the birth she was very attentive, and had a soft way of reminding me to relax and allow the contractions to help me dilate. She  worked seamlessly with the midwives,  helping get me in the right positions and transition between them, and helping with the pushing. With her experience she was able to suggest new positions for getting the last centimeters complete.  She knew just where to gently rub in order to help sore muscles and cramping muscles. Words can't describe how incredibly grateful I am that she was able to be a part of my birth team she is so much more than a doula she is a friend. I would highly recommend her to everyone!

— Darcy Fowler 8/2/2017

This was the second consecutive birth that Danielle attended for my family.  She arrived promptly after my husband called her and came into my birthing space with a quiet and calming demeanor.  She quickly assessed the situation and knew what I needed.  Gently speaking to me and rubbed my back with oils.  

I have a unique situation as I have seen Danielle in action as a doula with multiple other moms at births that I photographed.  I am always amazed about her ability to know what each birthing mom needs, and it was no different in my births. There is no one else I would rather have for a support at my births and highly recommend her.   She has also encapsulated placentas on two of my births.  She was efficient and quite speedy on the turn around time!  Thank you so much Danielle! 

— Stefany Janish 3/13/2017

Danielle was recommended to us by another doula as someone who had worked with other families struggling with Hyperemesis Gravidirum. To our surprise Danielle had also experienced and was experiencing an HG pregnancy as well. It was so amazing to meet someone who had also gone through the same struggles that we were AND was a doula. We left our initial meeting with Danielle knowing she was a blessing and the right doula for our family. My husband shared that he could see the connection between Danielle and I. It felt SO good to be truly understood.

Danielle sought to get to know myself, my husband, and our wishes for our birth. She supported us and encouraged us in our birth wishes. Having a natural birth was a huge goal of mine-I wanted to feel as much “myself” as soon as possible after the birth of our daughter after feeling terrible for 9 months. It meant a great deal to me to hear Danielle’s faith in me and my ability to make that goal a reality. Danielle shared so much insight and encouragement in the weeks leading up to the birth of our sweet baby girl. My husband and I both feel strongly that every family needs a doula! The experience, wisdom and support of a doula made the birth of our daughter a truly amazing and fulfilling experience. After struggling through a long, hard pregnancy journey, a beautiful natural birth brought us so much joy and happiness. We could not have done it without our doulas Danielle & Amber. We will always be forever grateful to Danielle.

— Nicki Jungmann 11/21/2016

Danielle provided amazing support during the birth of our daughter. I didn’t realize that throughout the day I was positioned in ways that were prolonging labor. When Danielle arrived she suggested positions that got labor moving along quickly and regularly. She helped time my contractions and decide when to leave the house to continue the process at the birth center. She brought essential oils and used oils that corresponded to the phase of labor I was in at the time (calming scents during contractions, energizing scents for pushing), creating a really pleasant atmosphere. She is trained in acupressure and applied pressure during my contractions to different parts of my back and hands. I didn’t anticipate how helpful it would be, it eased the intensity of my contractions. My husband said she helped him during labor to know how and when to provide the best support to me, which I was unaware of because she didn’t verbalize it to him but instead guided him using body language. From my perspective, Danielle and my husband worked seamlessly together to provide me the best care I could hope for in having a natural birth. Danielle provided excellent support and helped my birth partner be very involved and confident in the process, as well as providing him much needed time to tend to his needs. I highly recommend Danielle to anyone considering hiring a doula to support them before, during and after childbirth! For those deciding whether or not to get a doula, I wasn’t sure I needed one. My husband convinced me to at least consider it, and I am very glad we decided to hire one. Providing adequate support during the birth process seems like a two person job now that I’ve been through it. My experience would not have been as pleasant, smooth and peaceful if we didn’t have a doula to help us. I am glad we made the investment in creating a better experience for one of the most important moments in our lives, giving birth to our child!

— Jenny Krantz 10/4/2015

Danielle was a calming, encouraging presence to have during our birth. She was supportive, positive, and a pleasure to have present. 

— Kristen Peterson 7/14/2015

Danielle is AMAZING!! She was there to answer any questions I had throughout the whole pregnancy. As I passed my due date and started getting discouraged she was there to encourage me and remind me my little guy would come on his own time. My first was 2 days early so I wasn't expecting to go very long with my second. Danielle was there to give me advice on ways to possibly start labor. One of the hindering factors was my son wasn't in the ideal position. He was tilted towards my pelvis and Danielle was offering me ways to try to get him into position including a labor ball, chiropractor, hip rocking and many more. She came to me on 2 separate occasions to use essential oils and pressure points to try to induce labor. She was always available when labor would start, even though it would stall out and stop. Finally at 42 weeks in the middle of the night I had to call her. She answered right away and was asking questions to determine where I was at in my labor.

My labor progressed very quickly and Danielle met us at the hospital. She was very quiet on her arrival and jumped into her duties right away being at my bedside. She pulled the oils out right away and it helped me focus my attention.

Danielle has a calming presence and demeanor that is so helpful during the tough parts of labor. I highly recommend Danielle as a doula to anyone looking.

—  Jessica Lucas 7/7/2015

Dani was wonderful helping me through my son's birth without pain meds. She was a calming presence throughout labor and delivery. As first time parents, it was very reassuring to have someone with so much knowledge and experience to answer our questions and provide guidance and comfort. I highly recommend Dani to anyone - regardless of your birth plan.

—  Kate Noffke 6/25/2015

My husband and I enjoyed working with Danielle and would recommend her services to others. As first time parents, having her support throughout the pregnancy and entire labor and delivery process was invaluable. We appreciated that Danielle was not only knowledgeable and professional but also warm and caring. We could tell that she has a passion for working with families. During labor and delivery, Danielle was a calm, encouraging force who worked alongside my husband to support me. We felt that she fit in well with our birth team and helped make our daughter's med-free birth possible. We cannot say enough about our our appreciation for Danielle and her services.

—  Anna Navara 4/29/15

I recently gave birth to my second child and found Danielle late in my second pregnancy as I wasn't sure if I was going to hire a doula for my second pregnancy. I'm so thankful I decided to hire a doula for the second pregnancy and that I hired Danielle as I know my birth experience would not have been as positive had I not hired her. Danielle is quiet, sweet, calm and very experienced. I went drug-free with my first birth experience and knew I wanted to do the same with my second. My husband is very supportive but also has a very hard time seeing me in pain so the support of a doula and Danielle for my second son's birth was critical for getting me through labor. Even though I'd been through labor before I was a little apprehensive the second time because I was scared of having a very long labor again (first was 36 hours) so having Danielle's support to get me through the second labor was imperative. I had painful back labor and was exhausted (labor started in the evening and went all night long so I got no sleep) so Danielle put pressure on my back for each contraction which helped tremendously. I stood and walked almost the entire labor and she was with me every step of the way. She also brought various aromatic oils that were helpful during labor as well. When my labor wasn't progressing as fast as we all thought it would I immediately got discouraged and she helped talk me through it and kept me moving. I opted to have my water broken for me which excelerated my progression and when I told her I felt ready to push she didn't hesitate to get the nurse and doctor in to get ready. She trusted my instincts and took cues from my body language to ensure I was getting the support and comfort and attention I needed. I definitely recommend Danielle for your doula experience and am thankful she was there with me the morning my son was born!

— Gretchen Lowery 3/16/2015

We were unsure on whether or not we needed a doula, but I can tell you without a doubt I was thankful Danielle was there. My family lives out of state and could not be there for the birth. She helped my husband to feel comfortable leaving me when necessary and there wasn't an instance when I felt alone. This was extremely important to me being this was my first child and I was extremely scared about what to expect. My labor lasted 30+ hours and it was extremely taxing on my husband. It was nice he was able to split the duties. After a little over 24 hours Danielle needed to call her backup to come in to continue. Her backup was also amazing and there was no gap in coverage. The backup jumped right in and gave me comfort again that I would not be alone. This was especially nice at the end when my husband had to go with the baby and she was able to stay at my side. The experience was above and beyond my expectations and I would definitely recommend Danielle.

— Amanda 'Bates' Schmidt 2/20/15

Danielle was friendly, approachable, professional, and knowledgeable. We found her through the Minnesota Birth Center where I planned to deliver my son. When we found out that my son was in footling breech position and would likely need to be delivered via C-Section, I doubly appreciated Danielle. She was able to give me lots of great information on ways to encourage the baby to turn, but also helped me to stay positive and never, ever made me feel like my son's birth would be a failure if I wasn't able to deliver naturally. Danielle was exactly what I hoped to find in a doula-- warm and supportive of natural childbirth, but also completely nonjudgmental of my decisions and ultimate experience. As it turned out, despite a number of efforts to turn the baby, my son refused to shift from breech position and wound up needing to be delivered via C-Section. Danielle was phenomenal during the process, she made sure I was informed as possible about what would happen (it was very reassuring to me that she had been a doula for others in similar situations), arrived early to support my husband and I as we prepared for the surgery, and stayed afterward to ensure that breastfeeding was established and that I was recovering well. I really can't express how helpful it was to have her there during crucial moments where I could have felt very alone (particularly when my husband first went to hold the baby and I was obviously unable to get up and go to where he and the nurses were standing, the time between my husband and son going to the recovery room and when I was able to join them, etc.). An added bonus to all of the support and information that I didn't think about: Danielle got some wonderful pictures of the birth and our new family in the recovery room which allowed my husband and I to focus on the most important task at hand, getting to know our baby, but also have some priceless moments documented.

— Molly McGraw Healy 12/29/14

I've tried to write this review a few times, how do you put into writing how amazing a person is?! We highly recommend you to experience this personally. We selected Danielle based on her experience with hypno babies/birthing from a long list of doulas and are grateful that we went with her. We instantly connected with her from our first visit and in the weeks leading to my birthing time she would check in  on me and reassure us in our concerns. Her knowledge was always a breath of fresh air.  I'd contact her after my midwife appointments, and she would further explain with great detail would always put our mind at ease. On our birthing day she was in contact with my husband and arrived at the perfect time. Just having her here made my husband and I more relaxed and confident. I tell people she was my "Fairy Dusting Doula". My husband said she had her pockets full of essential oils which she used during my birthing time. Since I was using Hypnobabies, I was listening to my tracks on ear buds. I was in my zone, but always at the perfect time I would get wafts of scents that were exactly what I needed in that moment. From peppermint to orange. Back rubs never stopped, massage on pressure points, she knew exactly what to do and when to do it. When I think back on my birthing story it is calm, relaxing, filled with amazing scents, and everything she did helped me to further relax me. For us being first time parents, it was exactly what we needed. Someone like Danielle who could make our experience that much more enjoyable. Who knew scents and cold compressions would work wonders?!......She knew, and we are grateful. The turn around time on encapsulation was fast, and she was able to provide great information to help us decide. In closing we loved our experience with Danielle as our doula and would go with her again. We'd recommend her to anyone who like to have an enjoyable birthing experience.

— Belinda Yurick 11/28/14

Having Danielle as a support person during my labor and delivery was a phenomenal experience. Danielle was very available before, during, and after the entire experience. When I went into labor, Danielle was ready and willing to provide support at the hospital when my husband and I felt we needed her. She was especially invaluable for my husband who had no idea what to expect during our experience. He was grateful for her support, advice, and recommendations on ways to support me throughout the process. Having Danielle there, who had been through multiple deliveries as a doula was excellent. It was really nice to have a strong support person by our side to encourage us through the difficult but wonderful child-birth experience! I would recommend Danielle's services to anyone.

— Alise Bifulk 8/19/14

I debated on hiring a doula until the last month of my pregnancy. As my nerves and reality started to sink in, I realized I could definatley use the extra help if I wanted my birth plan to go as I hoped. Thankfully I found Danielle on short notice, and was able to meet her shortly there after  at times that were most convinent for me. Prior to delivery, She was a great resource for helping me get my breech baby into the correct position for delivery, and also provided useful tools to prepare me mentally for a natural birth. When I thought my labor might be starting, she was just a phone call away for guidance.  Her encouragement and support during labor and delivery helped me (and my husband) stay focused and calm. I don't think I could've followed through my natural birth plan without her there. It was an amazing experience that I will cherish forever. She also did placenta encapsulation for me, and was very prompt in delivering the pills with clear directions on taking them. I have been taking them since 2 days post birth, and despite my lack of sleep with a newborn and toddler, I have a lot of energy and am feeling really good :)

— Amy Krueger 7/1/14

Dani was a great doula. She kept me and my husband calm during labor, and was very helpful in suggesting ways to keep my labor progressing. I'm fairly certain labor would have been much more difficult without her! Thank you Dani for  helping make the birth of our daughter such a wonderful experience.

— Candice Meyer 6/21/14

My husband and I had the pleasure of working with Danielle when we had our daughter. Not only did Danielle provide support and positive reinforcement for me to stick with my birth plan, she also provided me with useful labor tactics. The experience was absolutely amazing. We couldn't have done it without her!

— Jen Rettke 5/28/14

I came across Danielle's doula services late in the game as far as my pregnancy was concerned. I contacted her about placenta encapsulation about a week before my due date. Not only did Danielle respond to me right away, she sent me links and offered me as much information to me so I could make the best choice possible.  I asked her many questions, both in reference to the placenta encapsulation as well as ones pertaining to the birth of my first born. She always responded quickly with helpful advice. When it came time for her to pick up the placenta, she was there within a couple hours of when I called. She was both very professional and personable. I enjoyed talking with her, and could see that she really cared about giving me the best care that I needed. She had the pills within the next couple days with clear instructions and an open invitation to contact her with any questions, whether it is about the pills or anything about being a new mom.  Danielle truly is all about making the best birth experience for any mom to be, and I would ask her to help me out again.

— Emily Regnier 3/27/14


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